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Specialty Vehicles, is now in our 83rd Year in business.
Standard Equipment:
• 72" long 18-gauge stainless steel bed.
• All steel construction (no wood).
• 40" wide deck at the bottom and 46" at the top.
• The stainless steel bed is constructed on a 1" x 1" tubular frame.
• Flagship stainless steel 7/8" top railings, stainless rail stanchions & contoured stainless bolted to the bed w/ SS hardware.
• Custom full rise, fixed stainless steel boot assembly at rear of bed area.
• All under bed framing primed with sulfate epoxy primer & painted to prevent rust.
• Full padded vinyl top (specify type and code, tuxedo is standard).
• Wreath emblems located on left and right sail panels.
• Custom full view rear window for the full view of the cargo area
• Custom full view rear window for maximum driving safety.
• OEM rear speakers relocated to rear window deck (97-99 models only).
• Two (2) 2" screened drains for optimum water displacement.
• Upper rear roof mounted third brake light and cargo light.
• Heated urethane/adhesive is used on all of the bed seams
• Heated urethane / adhesive where stainless steel contacts the frame
• Self sealing stainless rivets to prevent water leakage.
• Operable rear side doors for extra storage.
• Rear of passenger seat mounted spare tire.
• Three (3) year or 36,000 mile conversion warranty.
Factory List Price (Conversion Only) : $19,900.00
• M10 - Complete repainting of vehicle to your specifications. $2,850.00
• M20 - Hinged rear boot, key activated rear lid w/boxed headboard to extend bed to 82" for removals.(Cadillac). $1,800.00
• M25 - Hinged rear boot, key activated rear lid w/boxed headboard to extend bed to 82" for removals (Lincoln). $2,000.00
• M30 - Standard Flower Tray with two (2) Tie Rails. $600.00
• M35 - Two Level Stainless Steel Flower tray with two (2) 7/8" stainless steel rails to secure baskets. $740.00
• M40 - Sunroof/Moonroof Removal. $675.00
• M48 - Vinyl roll down quarter panel protectors. $275.00
• M50 - Full Tonneau Cover over bed, Standard height. $625.00
• M55 - Full Tonneau Cover over bed, 6" higher for removals. $750.00
• M60 - Picture frame or Gate of Heaven holder and brackets. $625.00
• M61 - Roof cleats. (included with Gate of Heaven bracket). $125.00
• M67 - Opera Lights. $295.00
• M69 - Lower chrome rocker panel moldings (00-05 FWD Cadillac only). $250.00
• M69 - Rag Top/Simulated convertible top removal $275.00
Completion Time and Terms (Call for complete details):
• Completion takes twelve (12) weeks from receipt of chassis.
• $5,000.00 deposit required on customer supplied chassis.
• Specialty supplied chassis requires payment in full on receipt of chassis.
• Coachbuilder package is not required but is acceptable.
• Conversions available on Cadillac & Lincoln, chassis.
• Export quotations are available.
• Flower cars (full size) can be manufactured on previously owned hearses and rear wheel drive station wagons utilizing the rear loading door and full length floor for use as a combination hearse / flower car with electrically operated top deck. Priced on request.
The Metropolitan Flower Car